What is Expo Oil & Gas?

Expo Oil & Gas 2017 is an academic, technical, business and networking venue for distinguished experts, academics from the industry, government institutions, chambers of commerce, binational chambers and operating companies to convene under one roof to study the new oil & gas scenario and current market conditions. It will allow the industry and its stakeholders to participate in a wide range of activities, evaluate their contacts, businesses, growth and exhibit opportunities generated at the Oil & Gas 2017, one of the most important events of its kind in the Andean region.

That being said, EO&G2017 will include new scenarios that were developed while also considering new perspectives and dynamics where the industry is tying in, networking spaces, such as the Procurement Room EO&G 2017 and the VIP Room EO&G 2017, where stakeholders from both parties will have the opportunity to initiate commercial exchanges and businesses in a short and long term. Both of these venues are accompanied by the Institutional Window and the commercial exhibition EO&G 2017.

Benefits of participating in EO&G 2017:

Updates from the experts on the industry’s key topics.

Exchange with potential customers and vendors.

Up to date knowledge on the competition.

Brand positioning.

Strengthen business ties and strategic partnerships.

Find domestic and international business leads.

Broader understanding of the opportunities in the Colombian and regional market. 

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